2019 Frank Cornelissen Carricante, Grecanico Dorato

2019 Frank Cornelissen Carricante, Grecanico Dorato

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Travel with us to the south of Italy, to get to know one of the most beautiful places in the world, Sicily, the paradise where Frank Cornelissen has been producing his wines since 2001, with essence and charm.

 This wine is a blend of the white grapes Carricante and Grecanico Dorato, with light skin contact for four days to make his wine range stand out. Frank Cornelissen delivers a balance between rich flavors and elegance, producing a medium-bodied wine, with an oily texture, and flavors of peach, nectarine, ginger, and dried herbs along with a driven and persistent aftertaste.

Producer Frank Cornelissen
Varieties Carricante and Grecanico Dorato
Region Sicily, ITALY
Alcohol 12.0%
Vintage 2019
Size 750 mL
Winemaking Style Lo-Fi, Organic, Biodynamic, Vegan