Australian Pinot Noir

Can Pinot Noir from different regions in Australia taste different?

Pinot Noir is a black grape variety, and is among the oldest French grapes; however, the variety is now grown across many international regions. It’s believed that in 1788 the first cutting of Pinot Noir arrived in Australia, brought by James Busby and established in Hunter Valley in the early 1880’s.

The grape has been planted in different sites and regions around Australia, but the variety shows the best expression in the cooler sites. This is because Pinot Noir is a short-cycle grape, meaning it ripens quickly. When it’s planted in a cool climate, the grapes ripen more slowly, lengthening the time on the vine and concentrating the sugars & flavours while maintaining natural acidity, thus bringing elegance and finesse to the final wines.

Some regions with cooler influences in Australia are Yarra Valley, Adelaide Hills, Mornington Peninsula, Tasmania, etc. Wines from these regions are usually lower in alcohol, giving the perception that the fruit is fresher and more elegant, and leading you to conclude the wine has a light to medium structure.

Why does Pinot Noir from different cooler sites and wine regions in Australia taste different?

The answer to this question, is that fancy French word “terroir”, which encompasses the complete growing conditions - soils, climates, aspect, wine production techniques, etc. Different locations, means different growing conditions, resulting in wines with different personalities and characteristics. Australia has a great diversity of soils and climates, producing a range of different styles, influenced by region and exciting winemaking techniques, precisely the reason why Clutch Wines have put together this “Aussie Pinot Noir Pack” – 4 wines from different wine regions in south-eastern Australia, to showcase the best expression of this grape variety for you.

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2021 Moorak Wines Pinot Noir

2021 Jumping Juice Pinot Noir

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